Group session July 1st

The first step in the application

Meet with the instructor

Speak directly with the instructor.

Please read/watch ALL of the information on the home-page and any relevant blog posts. We want to spend the time to learn about you and answer your unique questions. Read all about the program first. Check out the ‘intro to tech‘ page. Write down any questions you have – and when you’re ready

book a student-inquiry meeting.

General career advice

Are you just starting out? We can help you choose a learning path or maybe you’ve already attended a school or learned on your own – and you want a portfolio review or some advice on how to navigate the industry.

Book a general-consulting meeting.

Project consulting and proposals

Our students build real client projects. Here, you can propose a project.

We also offer general consulting on how to start projects and put together teams. If you need an NDA then you’ll have to pay for the standard consulting.

Book a project-consulting meeting.

Group session July 1st