Now accepting applications for our next session

I’m sure that if you’ve been looking at “boot camps” – you have hundreds of emails and calls coming in from their student acquisition teams. It seems like they spend more money on advertising and sales (and trying to get you to choose them) than they spend on the actual curriculum.

Well, we’re not like that. We don’t care what you choose. We have very limited space anyway. We just want to do our best to make sure you have all the information to choose wisely. We also learn a lot from meeting you either way.

So – while we can – we have free meetings with our instructor. You can book a meeting to talk with @sheriffderek directly about whatever you want. No pressure. No sales people.

You can already learn all about our school on this site / and if you want to read about how to figure out if a school is the right fit for you / or vet them for quality – then watch this video.- So, don’t waste your meeting with that stuff. ┬áDo you have questions about the industry? Do you have a project you’re working on? Trying to figure out what role would be best for you? Want portfolio or resume feedback? You tell us.

If you’re interested in this stuff… then it’s no time to be shy.

We would have loved to get some real-talk from an industry professional when we were starting out – so, we’re just trying to do that for you. Every single person who’s called us – was very happy they did.

Now accepting applications for our next session