Group session July 1st

Get a team of our educators and advanced students to build your project at a reduced price.

We’ve partnered up to bring you an exciting opportunity.

For our first 10 or so projects / we’ll be sticking to small-businesses and CMS level architecture. (We’re not going to be building you a facebook) – but you’ll get a full team of people to focus on your project for a fraction of our honest bid as a thank-you for being a part of our educational system.



How does it work?

  • You have a goal. You may have many goals
  • You will tell us all about them
  • We will ask you many questions about your business/field
  • We will finalize the project goals
  • We will price your project at full value (First)
  • We will tell you the reduced flat-rate project price
  • If you accept, our team will:
    • Build out a shared document to track progress
    • Research the project/field
    • Organize any data and stats to get a snapshot of where you’re at now
    • Develop a starting point for strategy
    • Talk with real users/visitors (people)
    • Organize and collect content outline
    • Build out visual style directions
    • Talk with real users/visitors (people)
    • Discuss potential tools
    • Client check-in 1 where we present:
      • Our research/findings – numbers etc
      • Clarified goals and performance indicators
      • Chosen strategy
      • Target personas
      • Style tiles / and general branding direction
      • Tool choices
      • Scope
      • After we have presented how our choices will achieve your goal / you will have the opportunity to discuss your opinions. We may choose to adjust based on them – and with feedback from potential users. If we can’t come to an agreement – we’ll part ways.
    • If you accept our proposal, we will take payment upfront and our team will:
      • Build out a live style-guide that includes our visual design thus far
      • Build any CMS or administration systems and connect all the pieces
      • Teach your internal team/employees etc – how to administer the system
      • Build out each major piece of the site one by one
      • Test with real people early and often
      • You’ll see things as we go – and there won’t be any surprises
      • Iterate until our outlined goals are proven to have been met
      • If the goals we set out to achieve aren’t met – you can have your money back.

Does that sound interesting to you?

We’re working on a generalized form for you to fill out – but for now, you can set up a quick call with Derek: HERE

Group session July 1st