Group session July 1st

We’re getting a lot of fake applications. We also get a lot of people just trying to figure us out. We know… we’re a little unusual… BUT – you can just talk to us.

There aren’t any secrets

We don’t have a secret ‘project’ or a special IDE. We just teach the stuff / and it takes time, and it takes a personal connection to the students – and it’s not something you can really streamline anymore than we already have.

Everything about how we teach and what we teach is freely available on the home page. Derek even made a video going over every book we referenced and the order we teach everything.

There are plenty of videos showing how we teach on our blog, and on Vimeo and YouTube.

We would love it – if everyone copied us. That would be great for the world.

So, instead of wasting our time or being sneaky: Just fill out the application if you want and say “Hey, you! I wanted to see your application process. I’d love to talk to you about your teaching style. I’m a teacher… and ” — or whatever.

You can write us an email or just pick up the phone and call us! It’s crazy! We’re just humans.

Want to talk to us?

Cool! We want to talk to you too. We dare you. Click this button and book a time to chat. Everyone is always happy they did.

Group session July 1st