Now accepting applications for our next session

This might sound weird… but – that’s because we aren’t normal.


We'd rather give the money to you

“Boot camps” spend millions of dollars on advertising and millions of dollars for “Student acquisition teams” and “Coaches” to sell you on their program. That’s WAY more than they actually paid the people who write their curriculum. That’s what’s fucking weird.

We want to use all the tuition money to actually build a better school – and not a better sales funnel. So, that’s why we’d rather just give you the money to do it.

We know our people are out there. Help us find them – and we’ll reward you handsomely. Let’s set it at 5% of the final tuition. That would be about ~$500 per student that you send our way – and who actually signs up and officially enrolls as a student. You will literally be getting paid to help train people to make your future life – better.

We think it makes a lot of sense.

Tell someone about the class. Explain why it’s great. Find the people you want to design all the things in the world. Find the people you trust.


Standard tuition is $10,000 upfront. Learn all about the class on our home page and FAQs and videos etc.

Some students receive scholarships. Your ‘thank you gift‘ total is based on the final tuition paid: (which ranges between 6k and 10k based on partial scholarships)

Each student is given 1 space in their application to honor you for matching us up. That way we don’t have to pay a bunch of lawyers. If the person you refer ends up being an official student, then they’ll mark you down as their reference. It’s that clear and simple. We’ll contact you and send you money to say thank you for connecting us / and for helping us build a better education system.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to “learn to code”

Help give them the gift of the best education there is. And if you’re a career developer already – and you want a little more details to help you vet us, set up a call. The actual instructor – who actually wrote the curriculum – isn’t hiding in the shadows – and will stand behind our methods face-to-face. Will any other school do that?

Now accepting applications for our next session