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Design and programming and “tech” and all of these buzz-words and trends and YIKES! they can get confusing. Before you jump down the rabbit hole, here’s a quick overview of the industry to get you started on the right foot.

Ivy and Derek can make a short video talking about the fire-hose of ads and options / and schools – and confusion – and round it back down to something understandable to set the stage. Maybe Marco wants to jump in on that?

This page is still in the works!

We’re making the videos this week / and writing the things etc. so – yeap!

Getting a lay of the land

What the heck are all these buzz-words… where do I fit in?

Yes… things are confusing and here’s a way to break it down – and understand the different team roles and stuff —–

I’d like to break down all of the options: – and note CS degrees / integrated systems / desktop publishing / 4tran / and all that stuff / and also statistics and data science – as well as web development – and historically how people learn this stuff – and what’s new. This way – people will know what their options are:

What not to do

It’s exciting! But – don’t just jump down the rabbit hole right away…

A little overview of the options to get started – and their pros and cons —

Grasshopper is a waste of time… / pre-courses are manipulating you…  stay calm…  get a clear goal together –

Choosing a path

Decide what you want – and go for it.

There are thousands of colleges! and it doesn’t do any good to try and pick “the best” one. At some point – you just need to choose one and go for it.

Once you have a clear path – you can decide what will get you that / and make a plan.

Funding your education

It’s going to cost money

That’s OK! It makes sense. You can do it.

Here are the options and pros and cons.

Start organizing funds now: here’s how to get people on your side.

Did you know that we’re actually a school?

You might have followed this link from somewhere… and this page is really meant to generally help people find the right school for them (no matter what school that is), but for some of you: we are the right school.

If you’re looking for a holistic program that teaches the entire design and web development process – that’s us!

Now accepting applications for our next session