Group session July 1st

OK! This is just a quick page. We’ll flesh it out over time.

Here’s some info about your people who are doing writing as part of your payment plan.

Using "markdown" to write your posts & setting "canonical" URLs



We’re going to work on this as we go… but here are the first few milestones.

The general idea was to have students with this “scholarship” (or whatever you want to call it) – write every two weeks. We’ll give you example milestones to write about. If you want to write more often (which would be good for you) – then great.

What we ask at the minimum is 1 post about every two weeks. They don’t have to be really long or epic or “deep.” If you want help writing, ask us.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of work – and it’s really great for the learning process. We’ll be suggesting that everyone do this for their own good too. They just won’t start until lesson 027ish.

  1. Baseline

    This can be written during the first week of the course. We talk about that stuff a lot, so – you should have plenty of writing already. This would just be about revisiting it and turning it into your first post.

    You can write about:

    • Where you were and any backstory
    • What drew you to web development and design
    • What you tried
    • What worked / what didn’t
    • How you found PE
    • Why you chose PE
    • Where you’re at / and what your goals are currently
    • Surely things will change, but what would a big “home run” look like for you right now?
    • What is your vision of success
    • How are YOU (with the help of PE) – going to make it happen?
    • Anything else you can think of
  2. Getting into the swing of things

    Loosely around the “French citizen hacker” lesson… (lesson 017) you’ll have a good idea for the character of Derek and Ivy (and any other guests) – and generally – the school. Some people get a little uptight about the amount of time spent on the operating system. Is that you? Here’s your chance to write about it. Or, are you overjoyed that you got that deep dive?

    You can write about:

    • How is it going?
    • What did you know before?
    • What have you learned?
    • What was different than you expected?
    • What do you like / or maybe don’t like (although –  you should just tell us about that if there’s any problems)
    • What are you excited about?
    • Has your outlook changed at all?
    • Have your goals changed at all?
    • Anything else you can think of?
  3. More to come

Group session July 1st