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This is just loose so far. We want to have a little helper resource for people who don’t have a writing plan. We’ll keep some videos and outlines here. : )

How to write things quickly

First of all, accept that it’s just an exercise. No one is going to judge you. Just put the time in and get the practice. You can write your masterpiece some other time.

It helps if you have prompts and ideas already. Consider spending 10 minutes (set the timer) and just brain dump all of the things you can think of. Keep that somewhere. Do it once a week. You’ll never run out of ideas / and you’ll have them ready when you need them.


  1. Open up Grammarly
  2. Write the idea / or prompt out
  3.  Write out a bunch of main points in bullet form (3-5 to start)
    1. Then write bullets for each of the bullets (3-5 to start)
  4. Now you have a prompt, 3-5 main areas, 3-5 sentences for each area.
  5. Take a break
  6. Come up with a heading for each section (should reflect the purpose of each section)
    1. string together the bullet points for that section into paragraphs below
  7. Take a break
  8. Come back and spend 10 minutes tuning it up
  9. You are done. Hit send. Move on.

Don’t take it so seriously. You might accidentally write something good ; )

Video in the works!

Watch Derek work through a writing prompt.

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