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There are many options to fund your education, but sometimes they don’t line up. Sometimes – you have more money than time, and you can leverage that. Here are some of our current thoughts on “Scholarships.”

What is a Scholarship?

a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.

Well, in our case – it’s not going to work like that right now.

Our tuition is non-negotiable. We don’t believe in commodifying education. We place a value on what you get by following our system. That value does not change. We put 100% of our heart into our work. We don’t just say “half-off!” whenever we feel like it to pump marketing. Everyone gets the same value – so, everyone will pay the same “price.”

That being said: There are many ways to pay that price.

We have a few different (limited) scholarships based on your circumstances and skills. But are they really “scholarships?” You tell us what they should be called.

Skills and time for trade

If you don’t have the money then maybe you have some time to trade instead. Maybe you have some skills.

  1. Writing

    Notes about that….  writing every 2 weeks – consistently…  – about your experience in the school. More info

  2. Reading

    We need people who are better than Derek and Ivy — with grammar to help! Taking notes… making suggestions… people who are into teaching – and care about building learning materials – and can help make things better

  3. Cheerleaders

    People who want to help the next group – by generally just looking at their work and basically – asking questions in the PE style –

  4. Marketing ideas

    We spend WAY too much time doing / ineffective marketing stuff —  what are your ideas? How can you help us?

Before you can apply for a scholarship – we’ll have to determine if this school is even a good fit.

Apply and book a meeting with the instructor today.

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