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We don’t believe in ISA (Income Share Agreements).

We don’t like credit cards / or weird variable situations that have unknown outcomes.

We don’t want to use your money to pay a team of lawyers or pay hundreds of student acquisition head-hunters. It’s a long story… but, we think that they cause trouble in many ways. There are plenty of better options to fund your education out there. We want to spend all the money on the students.

What is a Scholarship?

a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement.

We don’t believe in commodifying education. We place a value on what you get by following our system. That value does not change. We don’t just say “half-off!” whenever we feel like it. Our tuition is non-negotiable.

Given that: We have scholarships for people who we believe can change the world. We need more diversity across the board. Part of trying to figure out who those people are – is offering face-to-face meetings with the instructor. We don’t pass you to a salespersoncoach.” It’s a magic filter and it’s free! If you are afraid to set up a meeting / then you are probably don’t have the strength to change the world – or finish the program.

We have a few different (limited) scholarships up to $4,000 based on your circumstances.

Before you can apply for a scholarship – we’ll have to determine if this school is even a good fit.

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