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Some options

This will depend on WHAT you are hosting.

  1. You have HTML but don't use Git yet

    Well, the PE Projects server, right? 😉

    But eventually, you’ll want your own server.

    Any host that gives you an IP address and a user login for FTP will let you transfer files to the server.

    Over the years, we’ve used GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, and 15 others — which we would NOT recommend. Stay away from them! They are terrible companies. (but many of us already paid for 2 years of hosting through them… so, maybe ride it out if that’s the case)

    Companies who haven’t screwed us (yet) are:

    • NearlyFreeSpeech (Kinda unique – need more info) (LAMP)
    • Digital Ocean (more of a do-it-yourself via command line type) (whatever you make of it)
    • Green Geeks (Classic C-panel style hosting) (LAMP) (this can probably be set up to have many WP sites too)
  2. You have HTML and use Git and the command line


    • Neflify or Surge (Free static site hosting via github commit or command-line command to push) (no LAMP)
    • (and the options in the previous section can likely be configured to work with Git)
  3. You have PHP and need a MAMP/LAMP stack

    Notes about what you need and why… how much money to expect to pay etc…

    Companies who haven’t screwed us (yet) are:

  4. You want to host PHP sites and WordPress sites and probably more than one

    We’ve really enjoyed this combo:

    • Digital Ocean (more of a do-it-yourself via command line type) (whatever you make of it) ($10 a month)
    • SpinupWP (an admin panel that administers Digital Ocean droplets / and allows you to put many sites on one server) ($12 a month) (get $50 of Spinup credit with this link:

    You might be able to get a $5 a month droplet. But for WP sites, they usually push you toward the $10 a month site. That’s Digital Ocean – and you’d set it up via Spinup. Also – you can have site backups for a couple of extra bucks.

    So, count on spending $20 a month at least. But you can basically host “unlimited” amounts of sites here. However! We recommend that you put your client sites on their own server – so you aren’t responsible for them – or you charge a minimum of $20 a month to maintain their sites on your server.

  5. You have a JavaScript app

    Will come back to this –

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