Group session July 1st

This is in the works! Would you like to help flesh it out? Let's do it!


If you’re not 100% in the know about what you’re doing, then you’re moving too fast and will miss things. Just decide to be in command now.

Getting a minimal PHP site ready to use

We will get into some more specific situations with this later, but to start off, we just need the most basic proof that it’s a working PHP file. (and you might want to just put up an HTML page if you’re not using PHP, which will be even less to prepare for)

Getting a minimal WP site ready to use

Installing everything, setting up the admin area (CMS), custom post types (data resources), field sets with ACF (schemas), connecting them, adding data to the database (forms and SQL behind the scenes), listing the resources on the front end, getting to the single resource pages on the front end…

(If you’ve already set up a few WP sites and themes, this will be review) (You can decide if you want to watch it)

(also note that is ultra minimal, and there’s no CSS or header and all those WP-specific ways things need to be set up / or do they?)

Before you sign up for Spinup -

You can get $50 of Spinup credit if you use this link:

Setting up a file hosting service

You’ll have to rent some space on someone else’s publically accessible computer. Just like a great cocktail party host, they’ll keep your files entertained and full of booze.

Adding a site to your host (part 1)

Some hosts are set up to allow for just 1 site (or many sites but it’s a lot of setup). Spinup assumes you’re going to put a bunch of sites on each host – so, they make it really easy.

Setting up local Git repos

You already know how to set up version control and Git repos, but here’s some specific stuff for the WP install so that you can ignore all the core WP framework files.

Connecting things to a cloud Git repository

We’re using GitHub here, but you could use many other brands of cloud Git.

Adding the site: Part 2 and setting up automatic deployement

Deployment for a basic PHP site would be just like this but you’d choose “Git repo” instead of “WordPress” – or you could choose the “Don’t add any files” option and setup Git later. That workflow is a little strange – but it won’t put you at a dead end.

Migrating the WordPress data

Using wp-migrate pro to move the database data from the local database – to the database on the host server (the live site).

You could totally export the database and then import the database – and there are many ways / but clicking a button is by far the easiest and least error-prone way.

What else is on the docket…

  • basic PHP site but with pretty URLs to figure out Jesse’s issue
  • basic PHP site – but with MySQL?
  • … what else do you need to try out and make sure works?
  • A JS only site?
  • Any ideas?
  • A multi-site installation?
Group session July 1st