Group session July 1st


It’s easy to get lost in all of the new tools and concepts – and forget about the goals.

For one, we can organize those in a clear place – where everyone can see them – and help keep you on track.


What are your goals?

Things like “Provide for my family” and “be creative” and “get into tech”  don’t count. You’ll have to be a lot most specific than that. If you can’t clearly understand the “WHY” of what you are doing, it’s very hard to give it the attention/energy it needs to become a reality.

So, take some time (probably longer than you think) to really clarify what those are. They might be really vague and simple right now. That’s OK. They will change as you learn more about yourself – and the industry. Set a timer and just sit through the awkwardness until the ideas appear.

Create a page on your personal website. You could create a folder called goals/index.html – to start. You have all the HTML elements to work with. Headings, maybe some lists and list items…

Maybe you want to write them out on paper first? What is the best way to mark up these things? How can you most clearly communicate your current goals?

Give it a shot – and then show it to the group and ask for their thoughts and feedback.

Then – make sure that it all matches up visually with all of the other pages. It should match your chosen visual language, space, contrast, fonts, character, colors, etc.

You might not want it public, – so don’t add a link to that page. But – the students should be able to find it so that we can all compare and help each other clarify the goals.

These are what can drive you each day – to make the most of PE / and actually get you to that goal ASAP. Be as explicit and selfish as possible.

Here's an outline that has worked well

You can riff on this:

  1. 5-year vision

    Go big. Get really selfish – and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. This is YOUR vision. Get as wild as you want.

  2. End of course vision

    What does that look like? What is your day like? What has changed compared to now? This matters a lot – because this is what we are essentially designing with the course.

  3. End of the month

    This may be too early for students in their first month or two, but something besides “get the lessons done” – is going to need to happen to make that vision up there ^ a reality. Ask for help.

  4. End of the week

    This is usually taken care of in standup. But you could keep a running list – as you complete them. How would that work?



The other thing that would be great to plan for is: how your story is going to unfold in resume form.

Will it help to do this first? It will depend on the person. If so, talk to us about it. But for most people, let’s do your goals first – and go from there.




Group session July 1st