Group session July 1st


What is it?

On the surface, – and depending on your style – it might seem “not for you” .. but the framework is solid. That’s just the book cover. Give it a chance.


Lifebook is a complete life-development system for creating your very best life. We will guide you, step-by-step, as you define your ideal future and create a detailed plan to accomplish it. Lifebook has helped thousands of people take control of their own destiny.

Lifebook is the creation of Jon and Missy Butcher.

They openly explain the whole system publically, so – we don’t think we’re doing anything wrong by writing about it here. But if we are! Please let us know ASAP. If anything, we’re championing their framework – and advertising for them.

We just wanted to have a place where our students could read a little about it – and reference the categories. It’s just an optional thing that we can talk about if it’s a good fit.



(what you believe)

If you don’t know what you believe… then you aren’t on solid footing. You need to get a grasp on what you consider reality.


(what you want)

If you don’t know what you want… then how will you know that doing anything is the right thing to do? Why would you do something for no reason?


(why you want it)

When you really really know WHY you want something / and you aren’t afraid to be honest / you might just get the will to do what needs to be done to get it. Get selfish. It’s better for everyone else.


(how to get it)

This one is pretty clear. But is it? If you want things in your life to be different: You’re going to have to do different things. You’re also going to need to stop doing the things that are blocking you.


In the standard life book, there are 12 categories.

You can word these in any tense that helps / or in a practical way / or get really grandiose and spiritual if you’re into that.

A: I want a house


B: I am inspired daily – while dwelling in my sanctuary surrounded by beauty and the things I love

(you can think short term / or long term / or a combo – if you want) (just write it. Don’t overthink it)

  1. Health & Fitness

  2. Intellectual

  3. Emotional

  4. Character

  5. Spiritual

  6. Love Relationship

  7. Parenting

  8. Social

  9. Career

  10. Financial

  11. Quality of Life

  12. Life Vision

Group session July 1st