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The goal: to have a place to recap and to go back through the lessons. You can self-assess without actually going back to lessons. Our lessons/videos aren't meant to be revisited later - out of context. They are a way to introduce the ideas to you.

Then the exercises for each lesson/day - offer the opportunity for you to engage and create your own knowledge. That outcome will be self-evident.

Study hall serves a few purposes. If you're up to date with the lessons, and you don't know what to do - you can go over these prompts. Anything you don't know, you can investigate and ask us more about. It also serves as a great conversation starter between students. Don't know what to talk about? Start here. It's like a set of flashcards. You can work with your active recall.

In study hall, you can hone your skills and get super confident as you go along with the course. If you really want to watch more videos - or dive deeper on a topic, let us know. We'll make videos just for that - that don't rely on the pacing of the core foundational course's momentum.

If you can confidently answer all of the questions in Study Hall:

... You are going to do great when it comes time to interview. Anytime you're waiting in line, or on the bus - or at the doctor: Choose study hall over twitter and instagram. You just might make an extra 20 grand because of it.

We're also in the process of adding more all the time. If you see a lesson that doesn't have a set of prompts yet, you can get together with another student - or us - and figure out what prompts to add. What are the most important takaways and questions from the lesson? This is a really great way to learn. Let's do this!

Got any fun ideas to add? Let us know.

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