Group session July 1st

We’re not normal. We don’t want to do the ‘normal’ thing. We want to tell people about our school. The thing is… it’s kinda hard. You have to pay 10s or hundreds of thousands of dollars to shout through all of the noise.

That doesn’t make sense – for you / or us.

Everyone seems obsessed with “Spam!” and “Self promotion” – but the internet IS BASED ON LINKING TO YOUR WRITING AND YOUR CONTENT! (That’s what the internet is!) Quick! Firestorm this person for talking about what they do!

So, even our own community stiffles each other. On top of that – these too-big-to-fail companies control everything. We don’t like it.

Here’s the deal: We aren’t paying Facebook or Google or ABC or NBC or FOX or Amazon – ANY money. We’re just not going to do it.

That doesn’t mean – that we don’t think that marketing and advertising has value. We just think we can do it locally – and through word-of-mouth. If we can’t – well, we’re all doomed — and we’ll go buy a farm somewhere far away instead.


  1. We think that you have friends. We KNOW that some of those friends should be trained to be designers. They are good people. We need good designers/programmers.
  2. If you show them our school, they might like it. If they do – and if they are a good match
  3. We’ll give them a $1,000 scholarship (and probably more)
  4. We’ll give you $500 for helping us meet the right people.

UPDATE: 11/20 – now that we are offering ISA agreements (meaning the students pay the bulk of their tuition after they get jobs…) – this promotion team-up isn’t making as much sense….  So… we’re going to have to change it – and it’s probably going to involve no scholarships – and a finders-fee of $250. All past deals still stand (you know who you are)

That’s all.

We don’t care how you go about it. Emails, phone calls, podcasts… That’s up to you.

We think it’s a good idea.

What do you think?

We promise that our students are going to get 5x the education that these bullshit “coding bootcamps” are giving people. We wouldn’t be able to sleep if we didn’t. We’re real people – just trying to train other real people to wield the power of the web and get out of the shadow of this monopoly giant we’ve all created.


There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to “learn to code”  

Help give them the gift of the best education there is. And if you’re a career developer already – and you want a little more details to help you vet us, set up a call. The actual instructor – who actually wrote the curriculum – isn’t hiding in the shadows – and will stand behind our methods face-to-face. Will any other school do that?

Group session July 1st