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The theme challenge involves picking a theme – or genre of a website and emulating it. First, there’s the code to get the skeleton in place (because we’re reiterating that from the responsive layout challenge) – but then there’s research, mood boards, style tiles, and implementation.

Big thanks to Marco for going under the spotlight – and using his work for the example.

Part one: Research

Video in the works!

This one will take a few more days to edit, but – it’s probably fine to just watch the second one.

Part two: style tiles

We generally just “use affinity designer” to make style styles, but we also touch on “global swatches” a bit at the end.

Another video about writing theme styles

We’re not planning on doing a video about the code for Marco’s theme, but – if you really want to watch one where Derek goes through the whole coding process – here ya go.

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