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We’ve been racking up quite a few of these. We can collect them – and put them here / for future students. Here’s one from today – to start it off. If you remember any specific ones – or have the links, let us know – and we’ll add them.


The whole idea of a “portfolio” – seems a little off – in the industry as a whole.

Consider the goal. Is it to “have” a website? Is it to have the same one-page website as everyone else – with the same little grid of language and framework icons, a grid of loose projects that seem the same as every other “boot camp” grad?

OR… is it to show your character, showcase your skill level, and explain what you want – and prove your value? (it’s this one) – and we’d all do well to rethink the strategy behind that goal. The goal is not to have a “portfolio website.” The goal is almost always to get hired. So – what needs to happen?

11-month self taught : how realistic is it to me to land a my first job with this kind of portfolio


Self-taught/Udemy looking for first Jr role


BSc in Computer Science student looking for Jr web dev role

Looking for front-end internship

First dev job / move out

The goal here is clear: get a job and move out.

So, – every single decision needs to lead to that. That IS the whole purpose of the website.

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