Group session July 1st

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What is this? You are viewing one of our supplemental "Stories." In addition to our core design curriculum, we are constantly building out additional resources. Stories are a collection of real work tasks, design history, UX explorations, and work-throughs. Stories are often off-the-cuff and less concerned with production value.


We’ve been racking up quite a few of these. We can collect them – and put them here / for future students. If you remember any specific ones – or have the links, let us know – and we’ll add them.


The whole idea of a “portfolio” – seems a little off – in the industry as a whole.

Consider the goal. Is it to “have” a website? Is it to have the same one-page website as everyone else – with the same little grid of language and framework icons, a grid of loose projects that seem the same as every other “boot camp” grad?

OR… is it to show your character, showcase your skill level, and explain what you want – and prove your value? (it’s this one) – and we’d all do well to rethink the strategy behind that goal. The goal is not to have a “portfolio website.” The goal is almost always to get hired. So – what needs to happen?

Trigger alert!

Not everyone has experience with critique. It’s important to remember that this feedback is about the design, the presentation, the story – and how effective they are. They aren’t critiques of the people themselves.

Almost everyone writes us and thanks us for the review (that they asked for). So, if you can’t handle the real talk – then you’ve been warned! 😉

Self-taught React-focused dev

11-month self taught : how realistic is it to me to land a my first job with this kind of portfolio


Self-taught/Udemy looking for first Jr role


Am I anywhere near hireable as a jr dev? (self taught)


BSc in Computer Science student looking for Jr web dev role

Another dev "portfolio"

A fairly normal “dev portfolio.”

But is it doing it’s job?

Looking for front-end internship

Hireability feedback

Your projects could speak for themselves here’s my Facebook clone let me know what you think

Imo projects should speak for themselves imo. Feel free to have a portfolio site if you want

First dev job / move out

The goal here is clear: get a job and move out.

So, – every single decision needs to lead to that. That IS the whole purpose of the website.

Group session July 1st