Group session July 1st

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This was made in 2021 (many years ago). TOP has updated things since then, but this is really not about TOP. It’s about how you decide how to teach something.

There is a never-ending supply of “free” educational materials. This doesn’t mean they are quality – or that they won’t end up costing you in the long run.

The Project

You can check out the whole project outline here:

(it has the real mockup)

The goal is to take everything you’ve learned so far in ODIN’s foundation course – and recreate this mockup.

To be fair, they say:

“Do not worry about making your project look nice on a mobile device. We’ll learn that later.”

But we feel like that’s a BIG part of the problem.

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Oct. 4th, 2021

The discussion and walk-through

Derek talks about the hidden costs of these types of courses  – and walks through how to build the project.

What do you think? Can we do better?

Have you worked through some of the Freecodecamp or TOP curriculum? How did it go? If you liked our video explanation, then you’ll likely enjoy how we teach all the things in DFTW. Want to talk about it?

Group session July 1st