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Positive points

  • Based on a few words, the site is discoverable through search
  • The people feel honest and enthusiastic
  • Videos are well produced

Pain points

  • Annoying slider
  • The 'learn D&D' type videos aren't in a need-to-know order
  • Not a lot of information about what this site is*

Missed oportunities

  • "what is Critical Role" isn't a question I can answer when I land on the home page
  • I was generally turned off be the 'web design' - so, I was less likely to read more
  • If I had been able to learn D&D I probably would have remembered these people for life
  • I'll still remember them - but not for helping me...
  • No mention of the dice they sell during the 'dice' video
  • A better video service could elevate them
  • A simplified design strategy could better highlight the content


  • This slider is too fast / and it’s clunky – and it isn’t providing any value. If there is something I should know when I arrive here – then it shouldn’t be hidden behind layers of slides and animations.

  • This black on black menu-overlay feels broken. It’s just a visual problem – but it’s worth thinking about this content strategy. Is a drop-down menu the best way to find things? (see note below about footer)

    Also – the copy and image is confusing. What is this place “…fan art and cosplay of the…” what?

  • This site-map in the footer lays out the site’s content much more clearly than the rest of the navigations combined. It actually tells me what the site is – and it gives me links to all of the things. What if this was the whole site? Or the main header?

  • This huge black header takes up the whole page. Why?

    It also has a really clunky and meaningless animation thing happening on scroll events. I can’t see any value here.

  • The videos are not in order from 1-latest – but from newest to oldest. They are also split into 5 pages. What if they were all on one page? What if they were in a different order – or in groups – such as ‘starting out’ ‘character spotlights’ etc.

  • This background image is taken from the video poster/still.Doubling up – and having a huge header doesn’t help me get to the content faster – or help them with any messaging before I get there.

  • The videos don’t really fit on the page. I’d rather see a play button that presents a full-screen option – of for this video to stay within the constraints of the view-port. It feels like a limitation fo the chosen framework more than the decision of a designer. These videos are well produced – so, they deserve some respect.

  • The host talks about dice in the second video – but doesn’t mention that they actually sell some pretty cool dice on this site. Maybe I’d go buy some if I knew that! : )

  • At the end of the video – youtube pops up with its ideas on how you should leave this site and watch something else. If these videos were on Vimeo or some other paid option, then they’d have another level of control.

Now accepting applications for our next session