Group session July 1st

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What is this? You are viewing one of our supplemental "Stories." In addition to our core design curriculum, we are constantly building out additional resources. Stories are a collection of real work tasks, design history, UX explorations, and work-throughs. Stories are often off-the-cuff and less concerned with production value.


Title says it all…

But to set the stage, there are a lot of developers who can’t make a form. They can’t make one with JS. They can’t make one with PHP. They definitely can’t make a PHP form – and then progressively enhance it with JavaScript. It’s certainly not accessible. And it probably doesn’t look that nice.

So, what if you could show off a selection of thoughtful user interfaces? You’ll probably stand out. Plus, it’s fun.

First ideas

There really are so many ways you could do this.

These probably wouldn’t be your first ideas – because Derek has the experience to consider architecture. What do you think about this? Is it a good solution? Does it paint you into a corner in any way? Are there any negative edge cases you can think of?

Next ideas?

Video in the works!

Group session July 1st