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This is in the works! Right now, it's just holding place to help us game out the Study Hall system. : )

On this edition of SUPER EXPERIENCE USER EXPERTS DOT COM, we talk about – just how many different things there are to think about in a project.

It’s not just a wire-frame… or some code… it’s really 3-dimensional learning.

There’s research, strategy, business/marketing, user interactions, SEO tactics, detective work, some lite client-side web scraping, learning when to ask for help – or just when to talk to someone about your task, and we even re-create a component from the site with HTML and CSS.

These events are slightly fabricated to bring out the thought process and show how a Jr. developer’s job really is in most cases. You have to think about A LOT of things… not just ‘code.’

It’s an hour long… but – keep in mind, if you’re going to be a developer/design – then you’re going to be doing this for AT LEAST 7 hours a day… so, you’d better enjoy the process! 😉

(It took Derek 8 hours to make!! haha… so, we hope you get something out of it. Let us know!

CodePen links

Lite JS scraper program:

Question component markup and styles:

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