Group session July 1st

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What is this? You are viewing one of our supplemental "Stories." In addition to our core design curriculum, we are constantly building out additional resources. Stories are a collection of real work tasks, design history, UX explorations, and work-throughs. Stories are often off-the-cuff and less concerned with production value.


Derek talks about Career Karma and how that works. It’s essentially a gamified high-pressure sales system. If you want to be forcefully sold on a random boot camp – it’s really great.

But – more than that, this video is about learning. Developers learn things – all the time. But they aren’t just watching a video. You learn in the wild! With real situations.

We’ll also talk about #hustling and gaming the system for SEO and marketing.

This all leads to some HTML, CSS, component thinking, JavaScript

On this edition of SUPER EXPERIENCE USER EXPERTS DOT COM, we talk about – just how many different things there are to think about in a project.

It’s not just a wire-frame… or some code… it’s really 3-dimensional learning.

There’s research, strategy, business/marketing, user interactions, SEO tactics, detective work, some lite client-side web scraping, learning when to ask for help – or just when to talk to someone about your task, and we even re-create a component from the site with HTML and CSS.

These events are slightly fabricated to bring out the thought process and show how a Jr. developer’s job really is in most cases. You have to think about A LOT of things… not just ‘code.’

It’s an hour long… but – keep in mind, if you’re going to be a developer/design – then you’re going to be doing this for AT LEAST 7 hours a day… so, you’d better enjoy the process! 😉

(It took Derek 8 hours to make!! haha… so, we hope you get something out of it. Let us know!

CodePen links

Lite JS scraper program:

Question component markup and styles:

Group session July 1st