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Here ya go!

The main blocks & the 'sticky' footer

The footer isn’t “sticky” – and that is important to understand. What’s happening is that the boxes are flexible – and that one of them – is free (designated) to stretch/grow and flex itself to fill up the remaining space. This is the first step. 3 boxes – in a box.

Some borders to help

It’s hard to know what is happening – if you can’t clearly see what is happening.

Welcome area

2 boxes in a box (but this time / with a break-point)

The About section

3 boxes in a box (and a break-point)

The things in the about section

2 boxes in a box (with many break-points)

But... what you really want is...

To be able to plug and play with stand-alone modules.

If you keep the page structure separate from the things you place inside of it – then they stay as separate concerns that work together as a composition.

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