Group session July 1st


OK! So, you’ve already talked to us, and you asked for some more information.

(OR maybe you haven’t and you’re just really good at finding secret links!)

But, either way: Here it is.

Payment options

We’ve recently partnered with Meritize (currently only offered in the US). They offer a loan that will cover the rest of your tuition (after deposit) and have options to start paying that off 3 months after the course is over. If you’re interested in that, fill out their application and see if you qualify. Checking your rates won’t affect your credit score.

You Are More Than Your Credit Score

We believe in past achievements – we look at previous academic or military experience in addition to a credit evaluation to try and get you better rates.

~ Meritize

We also have this blog post “Thinking outside the box to fund your education” to spark some ideas.

Group session July 1st