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Just tossing the start of something official here… + notes from Slack

What is a “handle” and why do I need to have one?

We’re going to use the word handle here – because we are super unique: but – you’ve probably heard them called:

username, login, id, nickname, avatar, screen name, alias, gamer name, calling card, (got more? tell us!)

We don’t mind being “users” – but it’s our party, and we want to have just one name for these. It’s easier for us to attach it to something in the real world, and – so we like to call it a “handle” because of CB Radio.

In the case of the internet, username or handle is a little unique string of characters. It’s used to differentiate people’s profiles in each of the many social platforms and user-driven web applications.

You might have an IRC chat app, Slack, email, a domain name, blog, streaming channel, Reddit account, and probably way too many “accounts” where you have to choose a name.

It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re just starting out – it might be helpful to pick one out and stick to it. It will help people to find you and create a feeling of stability through consistency. It will be easier for everyone else – as a user.

Don’t take this too seriously

U2 and The Beatles – are both terrible band names. And they worked out just fine.

Some of the most prolific and well-loved designers and programmers have totally confusing and whacky ‘handles.’ It’s OK. You’ll be remembered – if you’re memorable. The handle just helps keep things consistent, and well: consistency is helpful and being helpful is professional. Give it a solid attempt… and then let it go.

What are some examples?

Here are some bad ass ladies in tech. You can see what they’ve chosen.

You probably already know that Derek Wood is @sheriffderek everywhere, and that Ivy uses @super_ultra_ivy

So many places

We’ll fill this out… but you get the point…

Ther handle and the avatar image gets used allll over the place.

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