Group session July 1st


Let’s see…

So far we’ve just kinda worked through this on a person-by-person basis – but it’s time to make some official resources for it.

What is a domain name again?

Well, it’s the name of your DOMAIN (insert bone font for dramatic effect).

OK OK. It’s the human-readable address (URL)  that points to the Internet Protocol address (IP) that directs requests to the computer where your files live. Right?

Some very cool domain names are:

That https:// is kinda assumed by the browser because that’s the HyperText Transfer Protocol that we’re adhering to – to make the request. Some other protocols you may have heard of are ftp, pop, smpt, and imap .

Let's get really technical first so the next part feels easier

Can you name all of these parts a URL?

Talk like a Googler: parts of a url: August 14, 2007


You just need to worry about these parts.

The combination of

domain name + top-level domain name = “root domain”

(we never really need all these terms unless that’s your job to work in that domain)

It’s a “URL” OK?


Finding, buying, and forwarding

Ideas on how to pick a name?

We’ll work something out here… to help

.com .net .dev .design .info … what else?

  • Your name .net  feels pretty good. “Network” – But names can be pretty long
  • Your name  .dev  – because / you’re a developer, right?
  • The handle you already use on social? + .dev or .net ?
  • Some people like .io  – because of the “In / Out” which is computery and musicy  (but it’s owned by another country and can be expensive)
  • … What are names you like?? Tell us –


Video in the works!

Why – and how…

Transferring domains

Video in the works!

If you already have a domain name – or hosting from some other projects, that’s cool. You can keep it there – or we can talk about how to move them if you want too.

Email at your domain

Video in the works!

You might want to have

Wait… that’s redundant… but…

You could have or any amount of emails. We’ll show you how when it’s time.

Group session July 1st