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We’re building some new mini-lessons to encourage “Creative learning.” Here’s our first take on the beginning of the course.

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More to come

We’ll be writing out a list of specific things of creative ways to approach various projects.

Creative ways to approach it

Still loose. Got some ideas? Tell us and we’ll add them.

  1. Do it again

    You read/watched the lesson and you did the exercises.

    Now: do them again. Do the exercises again later that day – or a few days later.

    Ask a stranger how they would have done it – or get a prompt from them. What would they have tried to map out? Do it again / but differently. Do – the opposite! Do it backward. Close your eyes, and do the whole thing over – in your head. Use Oblique Strategies.

    Do them again with another person of a different skill level. Do them with a family member.

  2. Get a concept check

    Right when you’re done with the lesson: have a chat about it with a teacher, TA, or fellow student. Double-check your current understanding.

  3. Get a review

    Have someone else look at what you’ve done and suggest next steps / or how to do it differently. Show them when you are done and ask how it can be elevated or what its consequences are.

  4. Apply the concepts/principals to something else

    Surely there’s another place this idea can be used. Where? Why? How?

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