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Woah – there is a LOT of stuff to do over here at Perpetual Education. It’s crazy. Seriously crazy. It’s insane – that there’s this much stuff to do… and that we get it done. We should be put in a padded room. Well, actually – we kinda do work in a padded room… want to work with us?

What is an “internship?”

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Typically, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the intern and the organization

It’s tricky though… because people have really taken advantage of this idea. We’ve noted that ESPECIALLY in the tech industry – fake CEOs try and get people to straight-up work for them for free. That’s really silly. Using your perceived power to get free labor isn’t cool. This has lead to a backlash at the idea of the “internship” as a non paid arrangement.

But – back up a bit… there’s an exchange. If you intern at a famous recording studio–making coffee and running errands and generally working for ‘free’–and you end up learning a ton of stuff and getting to use really fancy recording gear, well – that’s a form of payment. It’s a way of saying “I want in!” and, historically – it’s worked out really well. That’s not the same as just working for some asshole for free because he says “it’ll be really good for your portfolio.” Ignore that guy.

So, we’re not sure what to do about all that stuff… but we think that we can offer a really fair exchange for interns.


Does PE have internships?

Maybe? If you want to help us get shit done – let’s talk about what a fair exchange would be for you. Tell us about your goals. Let’s see how we can help each other.

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