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  1. SUPER ULTRA pilot

    We dare you to take THE GREAT GOLF CHALLENGE!

  2. How to vet a school, boot camp, or class, or teacher

    Even if you aren’t educated about the actual subject they are teaching yet, you can run through this list and make sure they are a good choice.

  3. Free high-level introduction crash-course

    Web development isn’t for everyone, but if you watch this overview – and it peeks your interest – then it’s probably a great match for you!

  4. We will settle for “goodin most cases

    My favorite Thai restaurant isn’t the best – but it’s close by – and it’s consistent – and they are nice to me. But are you ok with being just “ok?”

  5. Is it possible to learn web development / design
    while working full-time?

    This is one of those “is it possible to do _____________” questions – that we love to answer (Because it’s almost always – YES!).

  6. Escape tutorial purgatory

    You can do it! It’s wild how easy it is. Just STOP.

  7. What are the requirements to be a Web developer?

    Being a developer is like “being a worker” – and it’s so general – that this is hard to answer…

  8. Programming is hard because you decided it was easy

    It’s not. Nothing is easy. There is a natural learning curve.

  9. An analogy for the designer : developer relationship?

    The myth of “creatives” and “coders.”

Now accepting applications for our next session