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  1. What language should I learn?

    Something is disconnected. Let’s reconnect it.

  2. Thinking outside of the box to fund your education

    The money is out there.

  3. What type of person was PE & DFTW built for?

    It’s not for everyone…

  4. How we designed our curriculum

    The secret is out!

  5. SUPER ULTRA pilot

    We dare you to take THE GREAT GOLF CHALLENGE!

  6. How to vet a school, boot camp, or class, or teacher

    Even if you aren’t educated about the actual subject they are teaching yet, you can run through this list and make sure they are a good choice.

  7. Free high-level introduction crash-course

    Web development isn’t for everyone, but if you watch this overview – and it peeks your interest – then it’s probably a great match for you!

  8. We will settle for “goodin most cases

    My favorite Thai restaurant isn’t the best – but it’s close by – and it’s consistent – and they are nice to me. But are you ok with being just “ok?”

  9. Is it possible to learn web development / design
    while working full-time?

    This is one of those “is it possible to do _____________” questions – that we love to answer (Because it’s almost always – YES!).

  10. Escape tutorial purgatory

    You can do it! It’s wild how easy it is. Just STOP.

  11. What are the requirements to be a Web developer?

    Being a developer is like “being a worker” – and it’s so general – that this is hard to answer…

  12. Programming is hard because you decided it was easy

    It’s not. Nothing is easy. There is a natural learning curve.

  13. An analogy for the designer : developer relationship?

    The myth of “creatives” and “coders.”

Now accepting applications for our next session