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What is PE? Well, it is a school (yes); it’s a company (sure) – but more than that: it’s YOU too. It is a community. Or, at least we think it should be. We’ve got a vision.

What is PE?

You already know what it is. You’re in the class! But let us try and say it succinctly (for fun).

Perpetual Education is a school. Our goal with DFTW is to empower a new generation of designers with the foundational knowledge and tools to get out there and create a world they want to live in. In a time governed by cooperation, we believe that change needs to come from the individual. We plan to take your innate power and passion and pair them with our curriculum as a force multiplier.

PE is a system of change. You could say: we design designers. Designers ultimately decide how the world works. Given that The Web is the world’s most powerful communication platform: we decided to start there.




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