Group session July 1st

Posted: September 22, 2020 / Last updated: February 19, 2024

Design for The Web – is Perpetual Education’s flag-ship course. It’s about training people to think like designers and showing them how to use technology to design amazing things.

And we had to make a website anyway, right? : )

There’s a bigger plan – but for now – DFTW is what we’re about 100%. This is our proof of concept for a better way to learn.

From the original home page

This course is for you if

you want to:

  1. Build a solid foundation for how to design and build things for The Web.

  2. (That means research, content strategy, user experience, user testing, and all the thinky stuff)

  3. (It also means HTTP, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and all the technical stuff)

  4. (It also means a fair amount of visual design stuff)

  5. You have 2-3 hours a day / 6 days a week

  6. To follow a structured 9-month set of daily exercises and challenges

  7. With a team of peers who are all on the same path

  8. Working on real projects

  9. With all of the real tools

  10. And with real clients

  11. Building up an impressive portfolio

  12. That showcases and proves your value

  13. (and you are willing to let the process lead the way)

  14. (and who knows what role you’ll fall in love with)

  15. You want to design and build your own websites and web apps

  16. Or you want to work as part of a modern design team

  17. And in the end – you want to feel the confidence to wield the power of the worlds most powerful communication platform

More on that

The instructor gets a little more personal on the subject.

So, is it you? Are you one of us?

Set up a meeting. These things aren’t going to design themselves. Maybe you’ll learn this isn’t the right path for you – or maybe 9 months from now, you’ll know how to design and build web applications.

Group session July 1st