Group session July 1st

What is it? We don’t currently teach Cybersecurity at PE, but – we’re keeping some information here – to help people decide if it’s right for them.


Some things to think about

This is an introduction for high school students:  – but it’s a great entry point for explaining that there are many different roles.

Josh interview John Hammond

(John’s youtube channel where he shows hacking and cybersecurity tools)

What is CTF and how to get started!

How to get started with hacking and cyber security (Ft. LiveOverflow)

(LiveOverflow’s youtube channel)

(if these things ^ are boring… then cybersecurity is probably not for you)


Where can you start?

Most of the people we’ve met say that their scripting tool of choice, is Python – however: they also suggest that you learn all about web applications: how they are built – and how they work. LiveOverflow suggest that there is less PHP and Ruby out there at the moment – but there there’s a lot of JavaScript and Node: So – even if you’re working with Python… you are using Python to press on sites made with LAMP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL / databases, CRUD systems, authorization, cookies, tokens… and all of that jazz… so – you really need to know a lot of things besides some Python scripting. Python is just a tool.

Learn about linux and security with The Bandit wargame (aimed at absolute beginners) & check out PicoCTF


Schools we recommend you give a look

We haven’t taken any cybersecurity courses yet – personally / but after meeting so many leaders of each school – we start to get some ‘positive feelings’ about certain companies. We don’t have any official affiliation with any other schools. These are just some suggestions as we collect information about the industry.

Derek recently spoke with someone at CodeFellows – and was impressed with their pricing tiers – and they were very confident in their cybersecurity program. Many schools out there are really just licensing this curriculum from Code Fellows – so, it might be a good thing to check out.


Group session July 1st