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What is this? You are viewing one of our supplemental "Stories." In addition to our core design curriculum, we are constantly building out additional resources. Stories are a collection of real work tasks, design history, UX explorations, and work-throughs. Stories are often off-the-cuff and less concerned with production value.


This video is one of the first things Ivy and I made together.

It’s not the best production value – but we had a lot of fun… and look what happened. We started a school.

Why does this matter?

Maybe you found us by watching this video on YouTube, or maybe you haven’t seen it yet – but either way: take a second look.

Programming takes exposure and practice and it is definitely important. But figuring out how to improve things or invent new things – and generally what to do is even more important. You can’t program something that you can’t describe.

Use your time during the beginning of the course to level up on your “practical thinking” – so that when we get to the programming parts, you’re not spending your time figuring out what to do. You’ll need to focus on how to do it at that point.

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