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Derek probably made and remade and deleted many many personal websites that never made it onto the internet… but here are a few that did.

Business card site: 2012

Basic client work based portfolio: 2013


Show gray version? where was that one?

2014 was when I was going to do all of the site in just CodePen…

Then 2015 / almost did this new website based on this ^ where I was going to have my friend conor do lots of visual design stuff too – (he’s a photo retoucher)  — and got the whole things setup

then 2016 – put up the pink site (which was the front page for this ^)

and then – really / didn’t need a website any more… because I was already hired places – and trusted…

And then that just stayed there… tell the whole business card part…

then – I made this most recent one last year – because of another funny story – and needed to get something up in like 10 minutes… and that just stayed there….

then the very most recent one – was just to egg on the students …

and the real one… is hidden away until later this year.

More when we find them -

Video in the works!

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