Group session July 1st

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What happens outside of the graphics program canvas?

The "design"

It’s VERY common to be given a “design” like this.

First off – there’s no clarity on what happens on larger screens. And then on top of that, there’s no mobile layouts.

Take a minute and think about how you’d work out that bigger picture page structure in the code.

Option 1: white sides

Is is supposed to be like this? With white on the sides?

Option 2: stretch?

Wouldn’t this make everything big and weird?

(just taking out the content to see the layout)

Option 4: stretched with centered content

Like this?

Option 5: blue background

Is is like this?

Option 6: centered with the sides going off

Is it like this??

The interesting part – is that (usually) – the visual designers (the one’s who made this) can’t explain it either…

Group session July 1st