Group session July 1st

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We’re adding a “settings” data resource to our Content Management System – but we also need YOUR help to help us catch them all!

A little backstory

Working lean

Here’s an example of the first iteration of the “Deliverables” module. It’s the same idea as these “Settings.” It’s a list of items associated with the lesson. Settings are similarly connected to the lesson but more importantly to the timeline in general.

It might be worth mocking out – but also, it’s just going to be a heading and a list of settings. Not too much to deal with.

Quick sketch

Something like this will do. Show it to some people. What do they think?

Maybe some little videos to quickly explain them too / as additional help? Get some feedback.

(paper and pencil are really good… otherwise – you’ll have to use comic sans)

The back-end

You can get the basic Content Management System data outline in place while you get feedback on the idea.

Adding them to the style guide

You define the data / create the records / and then you still need to actually relate those records to the lesson so it’ll be in a timeline.

Write the module template and styles

Whatever languages you’re using – you’ll likely have a “template” file and a “styles” file. In this case, there’s not really any functionality except displaying itself. This will do to start.

Broad strokes

Here it is in action on the front-end. It’s on the style-guide page so that we can mold it from there.

What’s next?

That’ll be up to you. We think you’ll come up against some needs pretty quickly.

That wasn't enough...

They really needed a description if they are going to be as helpful and clear as possible.

What program is the setting for though?

Some settings are for specific programs and not just for the operation system.

Here we go

But now we gotta decide how we want that to look on the front-end.

Group session July 1st