Group session July 1st

In the long run, we’d like to function primarily on word-of-mouth

What is most important to us, is that our blog posts are shared wherever there are people who want to become designers and programmers.

Please share the URL anywhere you’d think we can find the next generation of designers and programmers.

2024 update

We haven’t found a good reason to spend time discussing things or promoting the school on social media. It’s just too impersonal and hard to cut through all the other marketing. Derek spends too much time on Reddit, hoping to explain why a school like this is needed. (will take you there)

You can join our sporadic and very far-between newsletter.

We might start putting up student work on Instagram, and Derek has been putting some writing up on Twitter. We’ll see. In general, we think most of these things are just distractions. The internet has allowed us to be connected to everything and at the same time – leaves us very disconnected. We’d advise to use as little social media as possible and focus on your real-life network as much as possible.

We put some videos on our YouTube channel.

Group session July 1st