Now accepting applications for our next session

We don’t plan on trying to cultivate any following through social media – but in these early stages, we do have some accounts set up to try and be available – and allow you to help spread the word:



GitHub: (user) (company)

Instagram: –



Twitter: @perpetual_edu

Quora: (PE)



Facebook: (will take you there)


Quora: (@sheriffderek)

Twitch: (@sheriffderek) (will take you there)

In the long-run, we’d like to function primarily on word-of-mouth.

What is most important to us, is that our blog posts are shared wherever there are people who want to become designers and programmers.

Please share the URL anywhere you’d think we can find the next generation of designers and programmers.

Did we forget one? Let us know.

Now accepting applications for our next session