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In the long run, we’d like to function primarily on word-of-mouth

What is most important to us, is that our blog posts are shared wherever there are people who want to become designers and programmers.

Please share the URL anywhere you’d think we can find the next generation of designers and programmers.

2022 update

There are a few social channels that we are going to utilize. (will take you there)

9-minute audio bursts with Racket

Want to hear student conversations about design and dev?

Monthly newsletter on Substack

You can join that here.

We might start putting up student work on Instagram, and Derek has been putting some writing up on Twitter. We’ll see. In general, we think most of these things are just distractions.


Link dump

We don’t plan on trying to cultivate any following through social media. If it’s useful to follow these accounts, let us know which ones and why.




GitHub: (user) (company)

Instagram: –

Twitch: perpetual_education



Twitter: @perpetual_edu

Quora: (PE)


SoundCloud: (this will make more sense later)


Medium: (will take you there)


Quora: (@sheriffderek)

Twitch: (@sheriffderek) (will take you there)

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