Group session July 1st

We’re really not trying to “hide” the information we teach / but be believe that the exact order we teach things – and the pace that we teach them – is why our course works. We can only put this much information and experience into 6 months by doing things in this exact way.

There are some lessons you can watch – to help you understand the course style – but you’ll have to keep in mind – that this won’t be the same – as working through the lesson with your group.


  • We’re hesitate to go through the early ‘how does the class work’ lessons – because that overview is already in the welcome marketing – and that should really be a group experience.
  • Human memory (this is an example of how we prepare you to think about programming long before we write any code) (this one is a good example)
  • It would be nice to show the first look at “functions” lesson / mostly pseudo code – but would tie into the memory lesson (key:value pairs / they’re all the same…)
  • A lesson on use testing could work here… maybe… – what would be the most useful to a new student? It seems like just talking to Derek would be the most useful for them.
  • An example of a real client brief – to show that area:
  • How you will be judged when looking for work / how you appear – and how do just the right amount of work to show your value. This might be useful to people regardless of their interest in this class.
Group session July 1st