Group session July 1st


Ok – so, this is practical stuff. What do you need to know to make most WP projects?

  • what are the core files you need to build a theme and why
  • get_header(), wp_head()  (how to get the index page working)
  • what to wp_head() and wp_footer do?
  • how to add styles or scripts
  • very basic template hierarchy (loosely knowing how it works)
  • how to use the index to route to different templates (pros and cons of each)
  • basic built-in functions to get content on the page: the_title(), the_content(), the_exerpt(), the_permalink()  (classics)
  • pros and cons of block editor vs classic editor (good opportunity to ask questions)
  • What are pages used for?
  • What are posts used for?
  • creating custom field sets
  • adding them to posts or pages etc.
  • how to get that data into the template
  • ACF: the_field() vs get_field()
  • getting a loop of posts on a page (single/detail pages and permalinks)
  • custom content types
  • custom field groups and attaching them to custom post types
  • all the various types of fields
  • specifically using an ACF repeater field
  • creating more than one custom content type
  • reusable field sets (cloning them for reuse) (image for example)
  • using the relationship field to relate them to one another
  • showing that relationship in the template (band/musician) etc.
  • using the ACF “flexible content” field type
  • creating a block to do the same job as the “flexible content” (and compare them)
  • explore what elementor and other drag-and-drop systems offer (pros and cons)

Speed run

Derek’s first official paid website work was TIME NO PLACƎ

It is a record label. Ready to model the content for a site like this?

How fast can you do it? Write down what time it is.

  1. Get WordPress “installed” and up and running.

  2. Get the core plugins you’ll need. (you’ll need ACF Pro)

  3. You’ll need artist and album data resources (content types)

  4. Artists will need a name, bio, image, list of members, year formed, and anything else you would like

  5. Albums will have a title, album art, short description, associated artist, optional list of audio clips, optional list of reviews, and anything else you’d like

  6. The home page will need a selection of modules/sections for the client to compose to talk about new releases, news, and videos – and anything else you’d like.

Group session July 1st