Group session July 1st


Remember that terrible company that spammed everyone for years and made you look like a desperate idiot to all your friends? They had all those tricky little prompts and buttons that you pushed (to make them go away), but really you agreed that they could read all of your Gmail contacts and send emails to everyone one of them (many many times).

That’s LinkedIn! And apparently, it’s the gatekeeper for all jobs now. So, are you going to play that game? And if so, what’s your strategy going to be?

Starting the conversation

Derek takes a look at a few student LinkedIn pages (and his own).

These were picked at random, but they cover a good range of situations.  These people are transitioning from or adding on to:

  • Stay at home parent
  • Working in retail
  • Their current career
  • Running their own business
  • Switching directions after college
Group session July 1st