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Sometimes people just look around and figure out how to include fonts on their website – but we never went over things specifically… so, here’s a resource you can use to learn how / or double-check your current usage.

MDN: styling text: fundamentals

The MDN article on fonts is pretty great. Sometimes those articles are a bit over our heads at first, but this one is down to earth – and we expect you’ll enjoy it. MDN text-styling fundamentals

MDN: styling text: web fonts

This article is also really great. Jen Simmons goes over a few ways to find out about font families, BUT – remember that you don’t want to get too deep. Focus on the basics first. We’ll talk about that just below. MDN: styling text: web fonts

Using web fonts on your site and locally in your graphics program

Got questions? Ask us! and we’ll add more details here. : ) is a helper to check out if your fonts aren’t working locally.

Notes: We used to use TypeKit. Then they sold to Adobe and that became Adobe Fonts. That was basically the same situation. Instead of paying monthly for TypeKit subscription, we got it for free as part of our $50 a month Adobe subscription. However: we recently read this: which is scary: given that a lot of our past clients are using those Adobe cloud fonts. Are they going to disappear? Are we going to get sued?

Group session July 1st