Group session July 1st


Just going to keep some notes here as I get used to this PC.

  • Mine needed to charge all night or something. It didn’t work at first
  • Instead of a command key for the main modifier, there’s the Ctrl key – which is pretty far to the left
  • There a key called “The Windows Icon Key” that you can use for some combos
  • It will open up the “Start” Menu which is a very silly place
  • In the bottom left of the start menu there’s a little gear where you can get to the settings
  • The backspace on this machine will really fly if you hold it down so, watch out!
  • On the various buttons and interfaces, I’ve found that I have to hit them twice to get them to register – often.
  • To take a screenshot in Windows 11 there a built-in program. Windows + Shift + S
  • As you can tell – all of the shortened words like PrtScn are terrible.
  • The first thing I wanted to do was install Camtasia. They don’t have ScreenFlow for the Mac. I happened to already have a license. That prompted me to install 1Password and its extension for the Edge browser.
  • Windows wouldn’t let me install Camtasia because it wasn’t from the Windows Store. This is because it comes with Windows Home S (which apparelty means safe).
  • So, I installed that.
  • Then installed Camtasia.
  • BTW the keyboard on this thing isn’t bad. It also has a touch screen which will be interesting. The scroll behavior feels a little “Jacked” and glitchy.
  • Then I recorded me looking for the accessibility controls. And I found them – but not where I would have expected. Camtasia quit and the recording was lost. Felt pretty sketchy.
  • It turns out they call the accessibility area “Ease of Access”
  • I wanted to try the “Forced colors” – or whatever they are calling it now.
  • Looking at system > displays, or Personalization didn’t get me there – but it made a suggestion for “High Contrast”
  • It turns out you can toggle it with Alt + Shift + PrtScn  will toggle it
  • I guess Windows has a built-in screen reader now called “Narrator.”
  • You can hit the window key and start typing and it’s like Spotlight so, if you want to get to high contrast of narrator – that is fast.
  • To turn Narrator on or off, you can use Windows + Ctrl + Enter
  • .
  • edge://flags
  • Overscroll history navigation: Disable ?
  • Smooth Scrolling: Disable
  • Then you have to restart Edge (which it will prompt you)
  • There are some fun sounds
Group session July 1st