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Basic form with text input

Here’s a little recap and a loose talk-through of a basic form. Did it all sound familiar?

For the most part text, email, password, search etc (all the text inputs) are pretty much the same – so, we’re probably don’t need a video about those in specific.

Note: Derek forgets something important. Can you spot it?


Video in the works!

We could use some notes about how inputs all end up as strings / and they need to be converted to floats or integers to do math with.

The select input

Choices with checkbox and radio

Persisting checkbox and radio state

This idea would apply to the select option element, too, right? Try and get that working next.

Showing range slider values to the user

See the Pen HTML cheatsheet 1 / display types by (@perpetual-education) on CodePen.

OK… So…

The range slider didn’t come out until around 2012 (or later). If you think through how PHP works… how can we have an updated value show up on the screen as the user slides it? Just think through that for a bit. What do you think?

So, for all those reasons we’re sure you’ll come up with – this is a time when we really need JavaScript to update the webpage in a “live” way.

Here’s the JS part. But the PHP is still connected to the input via the name property. So, submitting the form will behave the same way.

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