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We’ll keep all the info about fonts here!

What is a font?

…from the Middle French ‘fonte’, meaning cast in metal

Font! Uh. So, what is a “typeface?” We suggest you look it up and try to figure it out for yourself, but this is what we have decided to think.

The “Typeface” is the design. It’s the choices and all the things that go into creating the design of the letter forms. A “Font” is the outcome. If that’s metal, then maybe the metal letters are the font. Metal is pretty stiff… so if you want many sizes – you’ll have to cast a bunch of different sizes. If you want different weights or to italicize them, you’ll have to cast more letters – right? The actual physical ‘things’ are the font. The typeface is the design of the letters.

So, if the metal is the font, then the code that stores the digital letterforms is the font too. Please tell us what you find out. We’ve read a bunch of typography books and looked it up many times, but it’s always confusing.



Free fonts



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