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This is a new resource to help people better understand their options when it comes to CSS Selectors.

This will probably be 1/3 parts. Not sure yet.

Writing the HTML to get ready

You can follow along and practice, or skip to the CSS selectors in the next video.

Basic selectors

Type selectors

This selects base on the type of element.


Universal selector

This selects all of the elements. It can be used in conjunction with any selector building technique.


Selector lists

You can target many different things by creating a rule that targets many selectors. You just have to pop a comma in between them to create a list. Just don’t leave a trailing comma or it won’t work : /


Descendant combinator

These allow you to scope your rules to particular parts of the document.


Combining things

All of these selectors and combinators work together. As long as you follow their rules, they’ll do their job. Get weird and try LOTS of things.


The goal would be to have an associated exercise. There will be a set of rules / “make this like that” – etc… and we’ll just try and push these few selectors as far as we can.


save > for article challenge / maybe tie that in with a few others…. but which?

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