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Screenshots and photos are pretty obvious – but here are some details about how you can help us build a shared library of examples.


We can always crop – but we can’t uncrop. Our cameras are really high quality now and take in lots of data – so, if you’re going to document something give it some space. Don’t zoom in or stand so close that you crop out the context. And you can take many shots, right? So – imagine that we might use it in a book one day – or show it as an example in a video. Make sure you tap the screen and focus the camera or whatever needs to be done. If you’re going to spend the time – make it worth it. However – a shot out the window of a moving car is sometimes all you can get! and those are great too. : )

YouTube commercials

With a YouTube video, you can just send us a link. That’s easy enough.

However, sometimes YouTube commercials aren’t as easy (or impossible) to find listed.

side-note for brian: we could make a portal that was for “submissions” – and then it would have the link or images – and also give us the name of the person who submitted it – so that we can give them attribution where we publish it.

What kinds do we look for?

  • commercials about web development  (funny or about web builders)
  • commercials about corporate tools / that seem interesting?
  • trashy “how to get rich without doing any work” type things like in this collection
  • ???


  1. while ad is playing (or pause but if you wait to long it might go away) right click and “copy debug info”
  2. paste it in here:
  3. get url
  4. share it with us
  5. we’ll likely download it with Airy
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