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Everyone is at their own stage in the process. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work – but life is like that. So, NOW – what should we do next?

Action plan

The finer points are going to be different for everyone. Those are in your consolidation meeting reports – and you can look at that ‘success checklist’ we are in the process of making. But – here are some things to think about / and decide on.

  1. Do you still want to be a web developer/designer?

    Maybe what you’ve learned in this course, is that you don’t like this stuff. That’s OK. If that’s the state of things, then we should let the truth live. Feeling like you should do something… and letting it just hang over your head can really ruin your life. You can hear all about in the stories of people whose parents insisted they go become doctors or lawyers – or take over the family business when they really really didn’t want to. It’s better to be honest – and open yourself up to that possibility. Maybe we can help you get a job answering phones at a tech company – where you at least get some better pay or something related to your experience. Maybe we can help you get a better job in the industry you’re already in – with a better resume or something.

  2. Are you burnt out? Do you need time to recuperate?

    If you do want to continue this path, then are you in the right mindset? There are many reasons you might be overwhelmed. Feel free to discuss it with us. But no matter what the reason is, – if you want to continue – you may need to take some time to recuperate and get grounded.

  3. What is your timeline? When do you want to be job ready?

    This might sound like a silly question. The fact is, that if you move slowly – the timeline gets longer. Maybe it’s not reasonable for your learning style and time commitment to learn any faster than you already are. Setting a realistic timeline will help you organize a realistic plan. If you want to be job-ready in 3 months, then you’re going to have to work hard – and stay focused on the exact things we tell you to – only.

  4. Is there a particular part of the field you want to focus on?

    Maybe you should be focusing on one area. If you are freaked out by PHP and JS, then – just focus on HTML and CSS and really nail those down. Maybe you hate code – and you should really be doing more visual design exercises. Only you know. If you can get honest about where it’s going to be possible to feel passionate then this will be a lot faster.

    If you just want to write the code and forget the design thinking, then let us know. We’ll load you up with tons of layout practice.

    We’d say that maybe you should skip the coding and be project managers – but no one in alpha one seems like they’d be good at that.

    If you aren’t excited to get home and work on some graphics or some programming – then  – refer to #1 on this list. Are you sure you want to do this stuff?

  5. Are you being realistic about the skills needed?

    There is a certain amount of skills needed. They are measurable. You can either do the responsive design challenge without a video – or you can’t. It’s not going to do any good to believe otherwise.

    We can’t write recommendations or really even spend any time researching jobs for you – if you can’t do the work. The good thing is! That you can learn to do the right things. It’s going to take a lot of repetition. You CAN learn the skills – but you have to be honest about the time it will take and have a good spirit about it.

    Here’s a link to the Success Checklist resource we’ve been writing.

  6. Can you get a mental reset? and start fresh?

    We do not want you to just ‘start over’ – but in your mind – – – you probably need a fresh perspective. Like we said up above, maybe you need some time off. What needs to happen – so that you can come back to this with fresh energy? Nothing is lost. It’s all just layering on top of itself. You HAVE learned a lot of great stuff. Now you just need to come back to it with a fresh perspective and stitch it all together.

    Also, you can actually go backward in the course timeline and join alpha-two or alpha-three / OR wait until some future date and take the new version of the course on your own time.

  7. Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself?

    Only you can do the work.

    There aren’t any other resources or systems that can make it less work. You have to do each task many many times.

    If you aren’t going to do the work – then it’s better that you just let it go and choose to do something else.

    It’s hard. But – it’s not going to get any easier.

  8. Are you ready to make a plan?

    We’re here to help.

    We think you’re great. We WANT to help you. It’s up to you – to let us.

  9. Are you ready to stick to the plan?

    Create a system that is impossible to break. Get your mom involved.

We are committed to giving you what we promised

Let us know how you would like to proceed.

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