Group session July 1st

THIS IS OLD!!! So, if you look it over – you can grab things from it for the new official page / OR – you can delete it!

Due to (some very welcome) demand: our one-on-one interviews with the instructor have gotten a bit tricky!

Maybe you’ve already had some talks with the instructor for general advice about this career, so you might not need an interview at this point / but if you’re on this page – then you’ve asked to officially apply for our flag-ship course: Design for The Web.

That’s really exciting!

Before the interview

Help us keep things streamlined by doing the following:

  1. Read the homepage in detail so you know what we cover

  2. Make sure you understand how the course will work

  3. Take notes with any questions you have

  4. Thoroughly fill out this questionnaire

  5. After you’ve filled that out, we’ll email you with the next steps

(And that’ll be that!) (relax) (it’s fun)


Group session July 1st