Group session July 1st

OK. You filled out the screener. Good job.

What now?

  1. 1. Wait for response

    Well, don’t really just wait…

  2. 2. Learn more about what you're getting into

    As you can see, there’s a lot to read on the home page and the blog. There’s a bunch of videos, an intro to the field, how to vet “boot camps,” and PLENTY of things to help you decide if we’re a good match.

  3. 3. Collect any questions you have

    Ask for advice from other people in the field. Write down your questions and concerns so we can answer them at the meeting. Join our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest info. There’s also a place to ask any questions you have there.

  4. 4. Start thinking about gathering the tuition

    Check out the payment options. Here are some ideas to drum up some money. No matter what school you choose, you’re going to need some.

Group session July 1st