Who are you today? How are you feeling? Forget about anything in the past and just think about today.

The Goals

  1. Take stock of yourself

    Where are you?

  2. Gather some information to share when you introduce yourself in the next lesson

    Who are you?

  3. Suss out some good subject matter we can use for our examples

    What do you want to do?


Temporary definition

Jonathan Stark uses the idea of a LFPS (laser-focused positioning statement) to help people find their niche.

You don’t need to find a niche right now (in fact / it’s a bad time to do that) – BUT, it would be a fun exercise to do so that we can look back on it later. Read his blog post about it. What would you say you ‘are’ right now? What would you like to do instead?

I’m a specific profession who helps specific client type with an expensive problem. Unlike my competitors, I do/unique take that makes you the best choice.

I’m a _______ who helps _______ with _______. Unlike my competitors, _______.



Whether it is a schedule or a set of plans or a general outline – or a very specific set of tools and how they work together… a “framework” is something that should help you. It is a guide. If it isn’t helping you – then it has failed – and you should remove it.

In this case – the framework is a “fill in the blanks” outline to help you define the key points of this sentence. It is simple – but very effective. This provides constraints to keep you focused.

Personality tests

A few of us recently took some personality test type things.

The test takes 20 minutes or so, but – spend A LEAST 30 minutes reading about your results – and write down your initial feelings / and any notes about how those change while reading. What do you think about this whole idea? Are there any revealing insights? Are you fighting against any of your strengths or trying to overcome things that might just be life-long weaknesses? Are you at a fork in the road with any part of your life?

They were fun. Here’s a list of them:

  1. CliftonStrengths: https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com ($50 for the full results)

  2. MeyersBrigg: https://www.mbtionline.com ($50 for the full results)

  3. 16 personalities: https://www.16personalities.com (FREE?)



An initial set of critical observations or data used for comparison or a control.

In this case – you are going to take a snapshot of how you are feeling right now. Where you’re at – and what you’d like to accomplish. We’ll use this information later – as things progress. This ‘snapshot’ is your baseline.

Derek's results

Only if you’re really really interested…

Here are my full results

…if you want to see what you’d get for the money options.



What do you want to make?

I can teach design with random examples / but it works a lot better if we have real-world examples.

What are you excited about? What kinds of things do you want to build? What website/applications do you like? Do you have a website you want to work with? Do you have some big ideas that we can use as examples? Is it such a great idea that it’s a secret? haha. Gather some inspiration – or test products – or real-life projects. We’ll use them to help describe all the stuff!

You don’t have to stick to it… but give us some stuff to start with – and it’ll help people figure out who to partner with. Also, if you don’t have any ideas yet – that’s OK!

In conclusion

So! Take some stock of where you’re at. It’ll be fun to think back on later. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s not really “who you are” – but more of how you feel as we’re starting out.

The Challenges:

  1. Fill out Jonathan's thing

    It doesn’t have to define you as a ‘person.’ Don’t take it too seriously for now. It’s really hard! So, just take a stab at it. (as seen on Jonathan Stark’s blog: HERE)

    30 minutes suggested
  2. Take one or more of the personality tests

    I really like the StrengthsFinder – so, that would be the ideal test. If you don’t have $50 (totally reasonable), then the 16 personalities one is also really cool. I found they meyers-brigg to be cool (and sometimes companies ask for your ‘personality-type’ as a prerequisite now) – but it was my least favorite.

    60+ minutes suggested
  3. Write down a bunch of ideas for things you want to design

    We need stuff to make! Any problems out in the world you want to solve? Have some things you want to build – or companies or non-profits / or any app ideas? Write down whatever you got! We’ll use those ideas to illustrate the various concepts. Keep adding to this list in your journal as we progress through the course.

    30 minutes suggested

Lesson checklist

For today

  1. Filled in the blanks for that “I am _______…” sentence

  2. Took at least one personality test

  3. Wrote down all of the ideas you can think of.