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Lesson Intro

Uh oh! Big scary milestone ahead!!!

Luckily, with design and programming, it’s ALWAYS an open-book test. Some people even just pay other people to write their code. It just needs to get done.

Enjoy the challenge of it all.

The Goals

  1. Combine all of the layout and positioning things we've been talking about in to one formal project

    You’ll have to do this type of thing many many many times if you want it to stick. We don’t expect you to have memorized all of these things.

Start here!

The layout

You’ve got this.

Remember, it’s just some boxes. You have your set of tools, all the documentation – and probably the most powerful tool: your ability to ask questions.

Ask early and often. Sometimes you need to get the question out there – and move on while you wait for someone to answer.

The goal isn’t to “do it by yourself with no help,” – it’s to learn how to do it.

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