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Posted: December 5, 2020 / Last updated: October 5, 2021

Find out if web development/design is right for you in under 2 hours!

We need you.

1. Getting ready!

Understanding goal-driven “design”

Tools: Pencil, Paper, Empathy, Genuine curiosity, Web browser, Shared text document

2. Formulating goals.

How could ‘design’ anything without them?

3. Validation techniques

Working out way to validate when the goals are met.

4. Content and HTML documents

Turning those goals into content – and marking it up with HTML.

We're too busy with the course...

The point of this series was to help people understand how the course works so that they would feel confident in how it works and take the plunge.

Well, now that we’re busy with all of the students: we just are too busy for the marketing side of things. You’re always welcome to apply and talk to us about it. We WILL edit these videos one day, but – it just turned out not to be a priority. It’s not that we’re lazy. 😉

5. Design medly

Video in the works!

Coming soon: Style tiles / visual design / back-end CMS / and a tiny bit of JavaScript (medley)

These lessons are all filmed but this one. So, really – we just need to edit the video and post them, but there isn’t any evidence that people are watching them – and well, we have to prioritize.

If you ARE waiting for these next videos, just email us and say you want the next videos! – and we’ll put them up. : ) and join our newsletter for updates on all the things like this.

6. User testing tools

Video in the works!

Coming soon: Creating a Google form for user-testing (filmed)

7. Testing script

Video in the works!

Coming soon: Creating the script for the user to follow in the video tests. (filmed)

8. Pair programming

Video in the works!

Coming soon: Working through the project with a buddy / reconnecting to the user “questions” vs the goals. (waiting on Ivy)

9. Real user-testing videos

Video in the works!

Coming soon: 3 real results from our video script (filmed)

10. Conclusion? and updates!

Video in the works!

Coming soon: What does it all mean! + typeform version / and how to decide if this career is right for you!

This is just a little slice of what we offer

What do you think? Wanna get serious?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s talk about it.

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